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Mayra Enterprise

Bridging the language barrier

Mayra Enterprise

Bridging the language barrier

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In the world of online work, people look forward for the best available services. We as a multilingual Translation take the opportunity to endue – quality work to our esteemed clients. We cater services in all major Indian and foreign languages. Our team of passionate translators are firm to provide quality work. Quality control Manager enables to manage the assigned work in a professional manner. Since people look for quality, timely and committed work We as a team make them feel comfortable and at the same time cater assured quality work. We believe in good work and give our hundred percent to our valuable clients.

A proper understanding and proper delivering of work has made us on the top notch. We value money and as such our rates are comfortable to our clients. To build long lasting relations we even give comfortable concession to our clients. The whole world is going through Corona pandemic. The new concept of social distancing has developed. It has made us more alert and responsible to do committed work and ensure quality work. Our range of service meet the global standards. We provide high standard of service in print, audio-visual and digital media to all types of industries and service organizations. Like any other organization our priority is client satisfaction. We do utmost efforts to meet the requirements of our valuable and vulnerable clients.                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Why with Us:-


What majority of people look forward? Answer is simple Quality Work. Today the world, which is more like a global village, things are just a step ahead. People look forward for the things which are mind blowing. The case of translation is exactly the same. When we speak of Translation genre, Quality has always been a top most priority throughout. Time, Quality and commitment are precious in translation trade. We as Translation Agency know -this fact. To ensure quality translation we have Our Quality Control Department. Delivering the quality and appropriate translation is our foremost vision. For delivering Quality Translation We have a team of highly qualified and field experts. Their only motto is to deliver the best work to satisfy the client world. Moreover, our translators keep in touch with project Manager to deliver good, appropriate and perfect translation work. Proof-readers do the service of proof-reading to minimize any grammatical error and ensure the translation is done accurate.  Formatting the translation work enables the worries of the client settle. At Mayra Enterprise, what is best is, to deliver the assigned work in clean, clear, timely and proper way.


Why feedback is vital for any agency. Well, our moto is to strive for the best. In terms of translation giving feedback is always useful and appreciable.  When we talk of Translation it is very different from other jobs. Primarily Translator do translation from Source language to target language. Quality control wing examine the job done. Proof-readers ensures the assigned work is carried out properly. They also look into grammatical mistakes. Accordingly, Project Manager deliver the job to client within given frame time. Performing quality job satisfy the customer. Feedback gives boost to agency. Agency can reshuffle the work. So, whenever you get your job done, provide feedback. It ensures building of trust between Agency and client.


Our mission is to grow into an organization with the sole objective of providing professional, high-quality Language Solutions that help our clients communicate better, faster and connect them to the entire world.


Our vision is to be on the top of the leading Language Solutions Provider in the world and to serve our clients with the highest quality, honesty and professionalism.

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