Desktop Publishing Services

Desktop Publishing Services in Noida

The development and alteration of existing documents to meet the specified target-language format and layout standards is known as Desktop Publishing. Mayra Enterprise provides Desktop Publishing Services in Noida ensuring that your brochures, manuals, and documents are well formatted and aesthetically well laid out. into different target languages.

Advantages of Desktop Publishing -

Multilingual DTP Services Benefits For Modern Business

  • Reduce production costs and lead times.
  • Customize your documents as per the requirements of the target language audiences.
  • Improve the readability of the records.
  • Enhanced creativity.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Ensure that your documents are consistent in all languages & much more.

Major newspapers are now using desktop publishing because they favor newer techniques of publication rather than outdated ones. Advertisement agencies utilize it to create written content for mass distribution in the form of flyers, newspaper advertisements, and booklets, among other print media.

What Does Our DTP Service Include?

  • Text and Page Layout in either Indian or foreign language
  • Using the same typeface and format as the original file
  • Layout designing
  • Data is ready to print in any DTP software
  • HTML, XML, Flash, or any other web media programme for web DTP.
  • Targa file preparation for subtitling.

We are also able to handle files ranging across a variety of formats including Adobe (Frame-Maker, Photoshop), Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Word), CorelDraw Software, Acrobat, and Page Maker.

Desktop Publishing Company in India

Our team consists of only the greatest DTP professionals who place a premium on quality at every level of the process. We are recognized as a prominent Multilingual Desktop Publishing Company in India, aiding businesses in developing eye-catching publications in any language. We make certain that every document we create is of the utmost quality possible.

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Thank you so much for the translation work completed...I am still looking into other stuff that I can send to you plus I am trying to convince other friends to use your service since you are really doing a great job!

Wayne Newey
Wayne Newey

We commend your quick actions to our requests and appreciate your eagerness to learn our processes and standards. It is almost more than 1 year we are engaged with Mayra Enterprise from the first week we have been receiving numerous compliments on our translated website into other languages. Our company is really happy to hire Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) professionals at Mayra Enterprise.

Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth Baker

Mayra Enterprise made my first experience with offshore data entry and translation a successful process which I plan to repeat many times in the future. The work ME produced alleviated any concerns I had about whether a company half-way around the globe could meet my data entry & Translation needs.

Adam Crook
Adam Crook

Thank you very much for your excellent work on my Yahoo Store. I am happy with the increased sale and the way of your company’s work!!! All work really looks good and is well-formatted, I will definitely recommend others at Mayra Enterprise.


Mayra Enterprise did a great job with my image Translation & editing project. The results are truly impressive and have certainly fulfilled my highest expectations. Communications were great. Well done.

Petra Bedford
Petra Bedford

Mayra Enterprise has been a good company to do business with. They are a professional team with excellent attention to detail and responsiveness to our Translation/Transcription/VO requirements. I highly recommend Mayra Enterprise to anyone looking for an inexpensive quality work.

Philip Learney
Philip Learney

Thank you for the brochures designed with translation. You have gone way beyond my expectations, your designs and translation talents and marketing ideas have exceeded what I expected. Thanks for your assistance.

Wale Arewa
Wale Arewa

I used Mayra Enterprise for our website as their work is very accurate and cost-effective. I highly recommend Mayra Enterprise for its excellent services.


Mayra Enterprise works both promptly and professionally. We praise them for their excellent job of our Translation, Transcription, and proofreading project and I would most definitely use them in the future for our other projects.

Ryan McGary
Ryan McGary
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