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Bridging the language barrier

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Bridging the language barrier


Technical Translation


When it comes to technical translation, accuracy is vital.

The translator must not only know both the source and target languages very well, but must also closely comprehend the terminology used in a particular industry as well as the true meaning of the text. This type of translation differs from others in that it requires a given word to mean exactly what it should. There can be no scope for interpretation on the part of the reader as even a slight error in technical translation can put the user in trouble. Translators for this kind of material should be experts in the specific subject matter. Only they can provide an precise translation that will make the materials comprehensible to non-technical or non-scientific users. In order to make particular information available to a wider audience, the technical translator should balance the linguistic requirements of the texts, as well as the aesthetic sense of the information. Most technical and scientific texts are complex and include specific terms that are unique to each type of content.

Most importantly the translator must be skillful in the verbiage and terminology used in their respective industry.

Technical translation services essential to pay devotion to numerous factors:

  • Command over multiple verticals like industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial manufacturing, software, automobiles, utilities, electronics, informatics, etc.
  • Accuracy of information
  • Consistency of information across many languages
  • A familiarity with any distinct terminology used in a specific industry
  • An ability of translators to get up to speed with a company or product in aspects of usage details, technical terms, and internal glossary
  • Reliability and dependability for a variety of tasks, especially time-sensitive ones
  • Ability to master and use technical dictionaries
  • Excellent skills in both translation and interpretation
  • Expertise in understanding technical jargons specific to a country, industry and region
  • Confidence to navigate any intricate cultural factors that may emerge somewhere

There are a few things you need to keep an eye out for when hiring the right technical translation agency. Here are a few:

  • Profound industry proficiency:

The benefit of working with a translation agency is that they can choose the most knowledgeable linguist to do a particular job. They can find an expert in the field to get the job done right with the utmost quality

  • An extensive knowledge base:

Look for an agency with deep knowledge of a subject who has wide range of translators’ n with the expertise in technical vertical to allow more flexibility .Our quality management team always does the filtration of translators in order to take the best output and use the linguist who has experience to the particular domain.

  • Use of CAT tools:

To ensure consistency, high-quality translation, we design the glossary based on the domain and then apply the same for taking the top notch and scanned output. There are multiple CAT tools; we use them as per customer’s demand for developing a knowledge base in various fields.

With CAT software, you can be certain the proposed translation will be done right. Consequently, manufacturing companies usually employ translation providers that make proficient use of CAT and other translation tools.

We take care to provide the highest quality, accurate technical translation and ensure your translated text expresses your intended message.